If you’re not optimizing your web presence based on what your ideal audience currently needs and wants, then you’re doing it wrong.

If you’re not optimizing your web presence based on what your ideal audience currently needs and wants, then you’re doing it wrong.

Before choosing your domain name or your color pallet – before you even write out your project plan on that yellow legal pad…you must, must, MUST Identify Your Audience.

Think about it… How could you expect to construct a good, well-performing web site or web business without even knowing who is going to use it? You can’t. ..and it’s stupid to even try.

Suuurrre. Your idea is greeeat. Your design is AWESOME! … but that doesn’t mean squat if no one is going to use it!

Over the years, I have seen and worked on many web projects. One thing I learned was that even with a seemingly endless supply of income, even the coolest ideas and websites are absolutely doomed when there is no existing market or client base.

I am no longer surprised when I see new and innovate sites (that I thought would go gangbusters) flop while dumb and already-done ideas flourish and generate a stupid amount of income.

It’s the same reason why all the new shows that come out on major networks are either based around a police station or a hospital. …or why mustard eaters don’t switch to mayo from time to time. …or why the elderly man in your life suckles Fox News regardless of its (lack of) newsworthiness. Humans are creatures of habit that grossly go to great lengths to avoid progress and change.

So, why fight a losing battle? Why try to bring in something new? It’s like a fly trying to tackle an elephant…

It’s a no-brainier. Use what’s already there and working  – tailor your development plan/strategy to your market. 


Here Are The First Few Steps For Best Optimization

  1. Build An Avatar/Profile – Construct a detailed profile of your perfect visitor or customer. What do they look like? How old are they? Where do they shop? What movies do they like? Get as detailed as possible.
  2. Identify Your Competition – Who is your main competition? What is the main site that your audience is currently using?
  3. Plan/Build For Your Market – You should be asking … What are they doing to drive business? What can we do to improve on that or make it better? Your construction or optimization plan should first and foremost include steps to making your property resemble something your market is used to while also improving on ideas that are already in play.

After that, I believe everything else falls into place.

Web optimization and getting the right traffic starts with understanding deeply who your audience is  – and exactly how to give them what they already want.

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